MInd Blowing Decisions…

Mind Blowing Decisions causes head-on collisions… I have always loved that Heatwave song…

Often times the decisions that we are FORCED to make are truly mind-blowing, mind-boggling, and just plain HEAVY. Then you have the decisions that you CHOOSE to make, those are the more simpler ones because from jump street you pretty much already made up your mind what you want to do. Finally the decisions that are just out of your hands and were made for you. DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS… It’s either left or right, this way or that way, front or back… you get my drift.

It seems that I am in ramble mode so let me get to it. I consider myself as a multi-tasker to the 25th power. I keep up with current authors that I follow on wattpad.com by reading, voting, and I always try to leave feedback. Especially those that gave me that much needed feedback for ‘Love Drug’ when I first wrote it. It was raw and edited to the best of my abilities at the time. It was the first time writing a story down in a long time and definitely my first time allowing anyone else to read what I wrote besides DH. One fan turned into two, before I knew it I had 3 books on wattpad and a fan base of 779 people. How awesome is that???!!!! I have over 2000+ votes for all of my books. What a blessing my wattpad fan base has been to my creative soul because they fed me with that much needed boost that fills me with the belief that my works are really good. BIG HEAD??? Never that… LOL

An author that I have been following her work for a while recently asked do my family and friends support my work? I had to admit I have some serious supporters around me but there are always the ones who you feel won’t support anything that you have going on unless it somehow benefits them. I know that’s probably mean as all get up to say but it’s the truth.

The more I research this world of writing, publishing, marketing, etc. the more I’m faced with the decision of “WHAT TO DO?”

When I finally made the decision to go ahead and see about publishing my first finished book, I didn’t have a clue where to begin. So I started googling different publishing houses and OH MY, it’s a lot of them. The first ones that contacted me were those vanity publishers; those are the ones that sell you a dream and then set it on fire when they tell you how much you have to pay them in order to pick up your book. Then there are the big houses that mean big business but they require you to have a literary agent before even considering taking a look at your manuscript. OK, at least that gave me a starting point. Or did it?? Now it was time to research literary agents; either they weren’t taking new writers, they only worked in certain genres, all wanted a query letter written a certain way to even consider your request, and the steps just continued. I sent my letter to so many agents but I have yet to hear anything back. So I can only assume they are not interested at this time.

I follow another author out of Michigan and she has so many dang ebooks I am shocked my iPad hasn’t crashed because I have just about all of them. Either way the more I looked at her process with ebook’s I decided that maybe that was the route I am meant to go at this time. Don’t get me wrong I am not by any means giving up on one day becoming a best-selling author, “MY GOD, THAT THOUGHT SOUNDS SO GOOD,” but maybe it was meant for me to get my feet wet in the game first. Either way I’m down for the journey…

I think I have rambled about my decision making processes enough for one post… Hope I didn’t bore you too much… Until next time!!!


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