So I won’t start off with my usual greeting, I love this and I love that…
Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2013 we made it!!! 
Today I have been in deep thought and have been contemplating how some may process or interpret my writings. As I stated in my very first blog or bio, whichever one, my writings are extremely different from my home life. My books are in the genre of Urban Fiction with some “R” rated scenes, not an overhaul of explicit behavior but some none the less. Some choice words are used but overall it’s kinda tamed compared to some stories I have read. 
But my dilemma is I’m a Preacher’s wife, lol that reminds me of that movie with Whitney Houston. Ok my hubby is a minister (sounds better) and I’m proud of that fact. Because my venture into the book writing world will be broadcasted on a lot of media sites, I wonder will I be viewed in a negative way because of my choice of writing knowing my title of a PW. I know the world is full of haters and people in general that love to see another fail. Honestly for someone to bad mouth me, what can I say but “it happens” and it’s been happening since I can remember.
“What my real issue is will it affect my husband’s reputation?”
It probably should be common sense considering we are one unit, you see one then you see the other. I know what my reaction would be to commenters and I would rather save that comment for that moment. JK. Maybe I should enter this question into the “POWER PEOPLE POLE” LOL…
Being in the church world can sometimes be as hypocritical or stressing than being of the world, if I can be honest for a second. Don’t get me wrong my current church home, I am seriously pleased with what I receive and my spiritual growing process has returned tremendously from the strain that I was experiencing. But I always wonder can some outsiders separate the writer “NAPPYREDD or K. K. HARRIS” from Kanika or Nikki. I hate to say it like this cause I know a lot of folks are going to say, “This fool is crazy”, but the truth of the matter is that we are two different people that have to share one body.
Split personalities, YEP! Do I possibly need a check, sure why not!
We all have them at times it’s just hard to admit to it!!!
Anyway that was my rant for today… And feel free to comment, I like feedback. It’s creative boost for me!!!
Much Love ~Nika~

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6 thoughts on “Dilemma…

  1. NP 🙂 I'm definitely thinking about it, just not sure how I need to do it. Both stories need a lot of editing… but with God's help I'll get it done! Thanks for your support as well.


  2. Thanks DH always my number 1 supporter…


  3. Thanks a lot Sheena, I really appreciate your continued support. I can't wait for you to get on the publishing wagon. Hint hint… Too Jussie for the hood and tamed for mainstream… Just saying


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