Hard Decisions…

Like I have stated so many times writing is truly my outlet, I am really enjoying myself. Blah, blah, blah, blah… OK y’all might get tired of me saying that over and over again but it’s the truth. Although I’m in love with that process, I am completely frustrated on the other hand because there are almost too many options to choose from to become published.

OK maybe I’m being too dramatic when I say frustrated and too many

There’s self-publishing vs. a publishing firm…

Ebook release vs. paper book release vs. all of the above…

Editing over and over again but that comes with the territory unless I want to pay big bucks to have it done professionally and it still not be done to my satisfaction…

Then there are the rules and guidelines (fine print) when you think you found the right place to sell your book through. UGGHHHH!!!!

All the places I have been to, the first catch phrase that is highlighted is hassle free, freedom to make all your own choices-own the right to sell how you see fit… but when I dig a little deeper I see those dreaded words that all add up to one word BUT, meaning BUT you can’t do this or you can’t do that…

Enough of that rant… Even though I am complaining, I’m thankful on the other hand that I have been giving this great gift that I can share with others, and those truly irritating places that are willing to let me share my books with others. I’m glad they are available because Lord only knows how hard it is to get fully published by a publishing house. I have written so many query letters to publishing houses and literary agents it’s utterly ridicules.

Needless to say I have finally narrowed my choices down to one company to self publish though and I pray I have success with them. Only time will tell as always…

After working countless hours on creating the perfect yet cost efficient book cover for “Love Drug”, my very first completed novel, I am happy to say I am pleased with the outcome of my work so far. I am in the process of re-editing it again so hopefully in the next week or so it should be for sale on Amazon.com and other online sites soon after. Paper back will come about a month or so after that for those who would rather have a copy in hand.

For those who have not read any of my work before, I have decided to give a sneak peak of what to look for in “Love Drug”. This is by far my favorite of them all at the moment, I think it’s because it’s my first baby. Every parent has a favorite within their children they just don’t admit it out loud. Either I will post the first chapter to introduce you to the main characters or I will just post the synopsis with the book cover to gauge your interest. I haven’t decided as of yet which way I will go but stay tuned to find out… CLIFFHANGER BABY!!! ALREADY!


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