The Welcome…

Welcome to the wonderful world of reading… 

I remember when I was in elementary school and we had the mainframe computer based reading programs that would read to you in order for you to take a test at the end to gauge your comprehension skills. I was always excited about reading, well correction, I was excited about reading books of interest to me. Romance, horror, supernatural, poetry, and the list could probably go on for a while. The point is reading has always been an enjoyment, writing on the other hand has been a hidden passion. After years of contemplation, I have finally decided to try my hand at writing professionally. 

Writing has always been very important to me and the desire grew stronger in this last year which prompted me to take the steps to become published. Well let me tell you, it is one stressful process and that’s putting it mildly. One thing I must toot my own horn about is that I am determined. I WANT THIS!!!  That and the fact that I have one supreme support system backing me. My wonderful husband of 7 years has been a major nudge in pushing me towards the publishing world. I was a little reserved (and that may not be the proper word) about publishing, hesitant is more like it. I was just content on getting my ideas written down versus stuck in my head, honestly. When I say stuck in my head, I mean turning like a movie reel driving me up one wall and down another. My stories are more than just stories to me they feel real at times. I find myself speaking of my characters and story lines as if they are reality. Just for the record the things I write are completely fictitious and have no truth in it whatsoever. Just stating that for the record. 

Okay back to my support system, my wonderful big sister, TJH, has been a great support as well by giving her feedback. She is always there to proof read either an entire book or if it’s just an interest letter I plan to send to a publishing company or literary agent. 

Also big ups to my Wattpad friends who always gave me lengthy, detailed feedback on my works; AggieDiva35xxmuahmuahxxlolipopmixGiamoniCooper and that’s just to name a couple. So much love from wattpad let me know that I just might make it in this crazy world of writing. Only time will tell and I’m down to put in work to make it happen. 

Much Love ~Nika~
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2 thoughts on “The Welcome…

  1. The sky is the limit!!! So excited for you. You are so talented that there is only one direction from here. UP UP UP! God Bless.


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